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This page allows you to create Word Scramble puzzles using your words.

Please enter a set of words. When you are done, hit the "Puzzle" button to generate a word search puzzle. Once the puzzle is displayed, you can use the "print" button on your browser to print the page on your printer.

The web page generated will remain on this server for about two months. If you want to ensure that you have a copy of the generated puzzle, make sure you save a copy.

If you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave a message with: wordscramble@armoredpenguin.com

When you generate your puzzle, you will have the opportunity to see an answer key as well as list the puzzle where others can see it until it evaporates from the server. Please keep the listed puzzles to a "G" type rating so that people of any age can enjoy them. Also, only list puzzles of general use. Classmate names are not interesting to anyone outside of the class, while a vocabulary test might well be interesting to the general public.

You can see the currently listed puzzles.

I have taken some of those puzzles that people have listed, and put them into a Best Of... listing. You might find a premade puzzle here that is interesting.

Enter a word list. If you want, you can call up an Alphabet chart to use for cutting and pasting letters that are hard to type. This chart will come up in a separate window.

Enter your words here

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Description: The description is used to identify the topic. It could simply be a phrase such as The Elements or it could be a small story. It's your choice.
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Keep letters within words: What this does
Omit answer keys: How "No Answer Keys" works
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