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You can associate an image with your puzzle. That image is used as a background for your puzzle. This can be used to have a class photo with your list of names, or a map of the United States along with the 50 state names, or similar sorts of things.

Most web browsers are configured to not print background images to save on ink. You can change that preference, often in the Print menu. The PDF version will always print the background image.

Internet Explorer has this print option under:
Tools => Internet Options => Advanced => Printing => Print background colors and images

If you aren't careful, the image will drown out the text. So you either need to change the image before you transfer it, or use the lighten parameter to lighten the image.

Another point to keep in mind is that images can be huge, and may slow down users loading the puzzle. Use an image manipulation program to make your image have a reasonable size and quality to keep the file size reasonable.

The images are used in the HTML at the size of the picture that you transfer. When the PDF output is used, the image is scaled to fit the page. If your intent is to use the HTML output, pick an image size that will fill the page reasonably. Something about 1000 pixels wide should do fine.

If you are going to list the image for the public, please keep the images appropriate. Also, please avoid Copyright infringement. If the photos are your own, then it isn't a problem. If you are getting the images from the Internet, then there may be a problem. Inappropriate images will be deleted and your account will be disabled.

The images are not remembered as one of the parameters. This means that if you edit the puzzle, you will need to specify the image again. If you load in a word list from a file, you will need to specify the image again.

We handle *.gif, *.bmp, *.jpg, and *.png type files.