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The ArmoredPenguin.com web site has some additional features that are available to paid subscribers. None of these features are required for making puzzles, printing them out, or other basic uses, however having an account adds capabilities that can make the puzzles more interesting, as well as easier and faster to create.

The standard features (no account needed) are:

  • Browse the listings of public puzzles
  • Create puzzles.
  • Create PDF output of puzzles
  • Go back and edit, delete, list for the public, unlist your puzzles on the computer that they were created on (assuming you have web cookies enabled).
  • Puzzles stay on the server for a couple of months. They stay available longer if they are being actively referenced.

The added features of having an account are:

  • Access all of your puzzles from any computer when you log in. Without an account, you have access to the puzzles that you create on each specific computer, but not from the other computers you use.
  • Puzzles and images won't get deleted while the account is current. Without an account, puzzles get deleted after about two months or when they are no longer being accessed.
  • You can create online quizes for crossword puzzles. Your students can answer the puzzles and have their answers send via email.
  • You can add a background image. For example, you can have a class photo as well as the names of all of the students, or a map of the United States along with the 50 states as text. Some samples of what you might do are:
  • The options you use for setting up a puzzle will be used as the defaults for your next puzzle.
  • You can back up all of the puzzles off of the server onto your computer, and then later you can transfer them back to the server. Thus you need not rely upon our backups to safeguard your puzzles, you can ensure that you have a copy yourself.
  • You can enter a description of the puzzles you make, so that when other people check for "Other puzzles by this author", your information gets displayed.
  • The account is valid for Word Seach, Crossword, and Word Scramble puzzles.

If none of these features is of any use to you, just go back and make free puzzles.

These features are subject to accountability. Just because you can have pictures associated with puzzles doesn't mean that you can make public listings of inappropriate images. Any abuse may lead to cancellation of your account without warning or refund. So please use these features in an appropriate fashion. Note that many words are quite appropriate in an appropriate context. Look at the puzzles in the Nursing or health categories. That's not a problem. Also, if the puzzles aren't listed for the public, then there is no problem because the only people that will see the puzzles are you and those you give the URL to. What isn't needed are public puzzles with profanity, obscenity, or things that you wouldn't be able to adequately explain to your mom.

In the past, we've had a PayPal link where you could freely donate money to the operation of the web site. If you have contributed any amount in past years to this web site, let me know the name you used and approximate date and I will count that for a year's worth of service beginning when you create your account.

If you have questions for how these features work, check out the FAQ on the left sidebar or drop me a piece of email at wordsearch@armoredpenguin.com and I'll see what I can do to answer your questions (and update the FAQ as appropriate).

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The subscription for the account is $10/year (which is only 84 cents/month). Payment can be made by PayPal or by check. The account will not be activated until the payment is received and recorded.