Terms of Service

To sign up for an account, we need a valid email address and name so that we can contact you should there be a problem.

We will not sell or distribute your name or email address. It is only for use in running this web site. We will not be sending you any sales messages or other notices with the exception of a renewal notice. If your account hasn't been accessed recently, then we won't even bother you with that notice.

If you do anything that we consider abusive to our web site or to our other users, we will disable your account. There will be no refund.

Many things come under abuse. An obvious one is creating a puzzle with inappropriate content (in words or images) and listing it for the public. Please don't do that.

We make every attempt to maintain the puzzles on our servers. However, we may end up losing puzzles. If the puzzles are important to you, please create a backup of your puzzles to your computer so that you can always put them back regardless of what we do.

Your account is for your use, and isn't intended to be shared. Please keep your password confidential.

Last revised on 5 July 2009.