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US/VA History Review Game

US/VA History Review Game

Jordan Williams

1. Thomas _______ purchased the Louisana Territory becaise he was in fear of Napoleon creating a powerful empire in North America. 2. The Louisana purchase bought all or part of how many new states? 3. The belif that something was destined and ordained by god is called _______ destiny. 4. Eli _______ was credited with the creation of the Cotton Gin. 5. The Trail of _______ was when 14,000 Cherokees were driven from their homes in Georgia and Tennessee to Oklahoma, with 4,000 dying? 6. The famous document William Lloyd Garrison worte was "The _______". 7.The _______ Compromise is the compromise in which an imaginary line was drawn through the Louisana Purchase and above the line all states added were free states except for Missouri and below the line slavery was permitted. 8. The Compromise of _____ is the compromise in which California was added as a free state and it was decided that the new lands from Mexico decided on their own wether or not they permitted slavery. 9. The idea of detaching from a country and forming your own country. 10. Thomas _________ created the lightbulb along with a form of electricity. 11. John D. _________ monopolized oil. 12. The _______ Brothers are created with the completion of the first successful airplane. 13. __________ Graham Bell was credited with the creation of the telephone. 14. ___________ Vanderbilt was credited with the monopolization of the Rail Road system. 15. Jim ______ laws were southern laws enacted to restrict African American rights/freedoms. 16. The _____________ Proclomation freed all slaves in the existing slave states. 17. Soldiers fighting for the souths freedom (secession) from the United States. 18. The __________-American war was a war won by America that increased its size by 1/3 by adding California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico. 19. Term used when a country moves from hand made products to machine/factory made products. 20. Organization that northeners fought for to stop slavery and the secession of the southern states.


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