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Dr. Seuss Book Title Scramble

Twelve titles to guess before you run out of time, if you know these books then you'll do just fine. There are books about socks and books about butter, books about cats, fish and some others. Work quickly to guess before the time flies, if you get the most right you could win a prize!!

heT uretBt lttBae Bkoo
eTh tCa ni eTh taH
Hntoor ersHa a hoW
Hwo het Ghnicr ltSeo trsiahsmC
fI I Rna het oZo
eTh oarxL
reltYe teh uertlT dan rtehO isoertS
enO isFh Tow iFsh edR Fsih eulB hisF
pHo no opP
reGne Egsg nad maH
hO het Tnskhi oYu Cna hnkiT
xFo ni Sksco

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