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Oxy-Fuel Welding

Mr. N. Martin

No description

acetylene container for storing high pressure gases
matches type of thread used on oxygen fittings
uniform credited with the discovery of oxygen in 1774
oil type of glove used in arc welding
gauntlet created when calcium and coke are heated together
rod small weld used to hold members in place
tip do not carry this on your person while welding
backhand provides filler metal
flamex most common of all fuel gases
corner rightward weld made by dipping ahead of the flame
manifold a joint between members located a right angles to each other
regulator opening and closing the valve quickly
green number of parts to a carburizing flame
calcium-carbide fuel gas used in Confederation's welding shop
guage hottest of the fuel gases
three gas most commonly in your BBQ
butt type of thread used on fuel-gas fittings
neutral another name given to a welding torch
backfire never work with these in your pocket
upright only use this to light your torches
oxygen joint that looks like a small tent
striker colour of oxygen hose
tee beads that are exactly the same
lead joint between members located at right angles to each other
forehand leftward weld made by dipping behind the flame
natural this joint is welded without a filler rod
priestley indicates amount of pressure in cylinder
acetone helps keep working area free of cylinders
lighter correct flame for welding steel
flashback usually made of soft copper, directs the flame
guage reduces the cylinder pressure to a safe working pressure
right-hand flame with too much oxygen
tack joint between overlapping members
fusion can cause explosive reaction when mixed with oxygen
oxidizing absorbes 25 times it's own volume of acetylene
red the position that all acetylene tanks must be stored in
inert the material that acetylene safety plugs are made from
blowpipe flame goes out with a loud snapping or pop at the tip
left-hand colour of fuel hose
circular created when red oxide of merury is heated
cracking thickness of metal manufactured to millimeter or inch size
cylinder movement of the torch when running a bead
lap the joining of metal by melting together
edge helps remove smoke, dust and fumes
ventilation a gases that are used as shielding gases
propane flame goes out, loud squealing or hissing noise at the tip

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