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AP English Exam Review


Use the Clues to solve the crossword puzzle.

Anaphora A poem based on an art work
Hubris The repetition of connectives or conjunctions in close succession for rhetorical effects
Verisimilitude The art or study of using language effectively and persuasively
Chiasmus The story of a person's life written by someone orther than the subject of the work
Mode The aspects of a liteary work that elicits sorrow or pity from the audience
Wit Latin for "it does not follow."
Rhythm The appearance of thruth; the quality of seeming to be true or something that has the appearance of being true
Red Herring A words that imitates the sound it represents
Anagram A writer's choise of words, phrases, sentence structures, or figurative language
Couplet A word or phrase made by transposing the letters
Ekphrastic A system of thought that centers on humans and their values, capacities and worth
Emulation The deliberate repetition of a word or phrase at the beginning of serveral successive verses
Setting The opposition, or contrast of ideas or word in a balanced or parallel construction
Juxtaposition Used as a nouse, the term refers to a short summary or outline of a longer work
Unity Imitation of another
Novel Two consective lines of poetry that usually rhyme and ahve the same meter
Stanza A word which makes the reader see the obect decribed in a clearer or sharper light
Onomatopoeia The total "sound" of a writer's style
Discourse An extended narratives in prose
Abstract A relatively lengthy lyric poem that often expresses lofty emotions in a dignified style
Inference A representation, especially pictorial or literary, in which the subject's distinctive features are exaggerated
Ode A play on words
Linguistics The general idea or insight about life that a writer wishes to express
Theme The study of the nature, structure, and varaiton of language
Polysyndeton The ability to perceive and express in an ingeniously humerous manner the relationship between seemingly incongruous or disparate things
Voice A unified group of lines in poetry
Bibliomancy The quality of a piece of writing
Rhetoric Any of numerous patterns of wave motion or vibration
Caricature A prediction based on a Bible Verse or literary passage chosen at random
Euphony The central idea of an essay
Fable A judgment based on reasoning rather than on a direct or explicit statement
Foil A form of humor based on exaggerated, improbabe incongruities
Exposition The ordering of words into meaningful verbal patterns such as phrases, clauses, and sentences
Non-sequitur A type of literature such as mysteries, science fiction
Pathos An exaggeration or overstatement
Myth A narrative device, often used at the beginning of a work that provides necessary background information about the characters and their circumstances
Generalization Something taht draws attentnion away from the central issue
Thesis Excessive pride or self-confidence that leads a protagonist to disreguard a divine warning or the violate an important moral law
Farce Verbal expression in speech or writing
Antithesis A type of rhetoric in which the second part is syntactically balanced against the first
Inversion A movement with uniform recurrence of a beat or accent
Epithet A brief tale designed to illustrate a moral lesson
Diction A dramatic conversation by means of which a character, alone on state, utters his or her thoughts aloud
Hyperbole Any story that attempts to explain how the world was created and why the world is the way it is
Soliloquy Soothing pleasant sounds
Biography The time and place the story is taking place
Genre To place in close connectin or contiguity
Syntax A principle, statement, or idea haivng general application
Pun A character in a work whose behaviorf and values contrast with those of another character in order to highlihgt the distictive temperament of that character
Humanism The changing of the usual order of words

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