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Different Sciences and What They Study

Miss Butler

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Medicine The study of the mental and emotional health
Ecology The study of animal life
Zoology The study of the flora and fauna and development of the Earth's crust
Anthropology The study of magnitude and number and their relationships
Biology The study of wealth
Agriculture The study of matter and energy
Physics The study of how organisms interact with each other and their environment
Chemistry The art or practice of cultivating land
Geology The study of the oceans
History The study of design, construction and management of structures or devices
Economics The study of stars and other heavenly bodies
Geography The study of the aims and policies of government
Sociology The study of plants (producers)
Botany The science or art of preventing, alleviating or curing disease
Psychology The study of weather and climate
Mathematics The study of human society and cultures
Oceanography The study of the properties of elements and other complex substances and their interactions
Astronomy The study of living things
Meteorology The study of the surface of the earth and its inhabitants
Political Science The study of the origin and progression of a nation or institution
Engineering The study of humans in the broadest sense; treating their relation to other species, other races and their evolution

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