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launch Non-uniformity
polarized Giuseppe Lodovico Lagrangia
perturbation Attractive
noise Your glasses have a right one and a left one
cooler Capacity for work
lens Parts
blackbody Circle
survey muted
spectrum Domain
matter Review
degenerate Correspondence
orbit Make a chart of
lagrange General increase in prices
parameter Corrupted
microwave Father of quantum mechanics
cosmic Where you can get something
expansion Emissions
dark A small disturbance
correlation Hubble is one
magnetic AM or FM
radiation Disagreeable music
star U.S. Bureau of Labor ...
dust Aggregate
inflation Be important
gas The all
frequency The eight-ball
anisotropy Ovens sometimes use this
observation Progenetor of bunnies
mode Polariod glasses are
map The start of it all
bigbang Distance
frenchguiana A given value
red Focus of a movie
France Home of Devil's Island
source FF0000
elements You don't want to run out of this
photon You can have quartets of these
space Backdrop
data A bit of light
cluster Set off
planck Less hot
statistics Land of spaghetti and pizza
faint Fashion
Italy A thought on something you see
background A unit of magnetic field
universe An island universe
gauss Somber
radio Collection of information
telescope Growth
field Variety
string Land of wine and cheese
energy How often something happens
galaxy Out of this world

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