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criticalangle part of our vision which we cannot see things
opaque image appears to diverge
convexlens buldging out shape
luminous controls the size of the pupil
reflectedlight sensitive to low light
translucent the point where the convergent rays meet
angleofrefraction the angle formed by a reflected ray
blindspot the angle formed by a incident ray
opticalnerve the hole in the middle of the eye that lets light pass through
primarycolour mostly covered in rods and cones
lens cyan, magenta and yellow
focalpoint a cell on the retina provides sharp focus and enables us to see colour
iris hollowed out shape
cornea light from the sun
retina the transparent curved 'window' covering the eye
cone smallest angle of incidence
angleofincidence does not let light through
indicentlight the cone system on the retina is faulty
whitelight ben light when passed through an object
concavelens the image that can be seen on the screen
virtualimage the light that bounces off a surface
pupil produces light
angleofrefraction red, blue and green light
transparent produces light when heated
luminescent a carefully curved transparent object
totalinternalreflection lets some light through
normal finds the angles of incidence and reflection
opticalcentre the angle formed by a refracted ray
colourblindness produces light in a chemical reaction
realimage transmits visual images to the brain in eletric signals
incandesecent also known as the pole
secondarylight light strikes a medium boundary at an angle larger than the critical angle
refractedlight lets most light through
rod the direct light falls on a surface

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