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Respiratory drugs

Fabiola A.

No description

oxygen constrict blood vessels in resp tract, causing shrinkage of swollen mucuous membrane
bronchodilators prevent coughing in pt not requiring a productive cough
CO2 liquefy pulmonary secretions
Caffeine Citrate treat sxs of allergies and motion sickness (generic)
mucolytics used for hypoxia associated with heart and lung disease
Theophylline Act by relaxing the smooth muscles of the bronchial tree
decongestants increase secretions, reduce viscosity
Atrovent generic name for PROVENTIL ( one word)
diphenhydramine generic name for robitussin
wellbutrin Trade name for ipratropium/albuterol
Combivent antidepressant and smoking cessation agent (begin with W)
antitussives Trade name for ipratropium bromide
Corticosteroids Respiratory stimulant administered IV and orally to stimulate resp in infants and pt with cheyne-stokes
Alupent Respiratory stimulant used in the treatment of neonatal apnea
Intal blank reduces swelling, relieve inflammation
expectorants Inhaled to increase both depth
Albuterol Trade name for metaproterenol sulfate
Singulair trade name for cromolyn
guaifenesin trade name for antileukotrienes

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