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Reproductive Organs

Paramedic students

Reproductive organs and genetics

Umbilical cord Produces pleasurable sensation during intercourse
Menstruation OUter group of cells in a zygote that becomes the placenta
ovulation Male hormone responsible for secondary characteristics
Allele release of a mature ovum
Genomes Pouch of skin that contains testes
Breasts discharge of the endometrium
Gestation viscid fluid that contains spermatozoa
heterozygous Fluid produced by filtration of blood through placenta
Cervix Observable characteristic(expressed gene)
Meiosis Pudendum; External female genitalia
Homozygous a cycle during pregnancy
DNA Male gametes that are produced in the testicles
Vulva 28 days
menstrual cycle different genes for a given trait
Trophoblast Sex cell with half the amount of adult chromosomes
Semen Male reproductive organs that produce sperm
ovaries First menstrual cycle
Estrogen same genes for a given trait
polygenic disease Fundamental unit of heredity
Carrier State Opening from the vagina to the uterus
Uterus peritoneal fold helps to hold the ovaries in place
Progesterone Single gene contributed by one parent for a given characteristic
Genes Hormone released from the ovaries
Vagina Female reproductive organs
Gamete Transmits urine and semen out of the body
Zygote Thick smooth muscle that forms the middle layer of the uterine wall
Spermatozoa Hormone released from the ovaries during menstrual cycle
Placenta Organs of milk production in the breasts
Menopause Fetus Implants itself here
Amniotic fluid Fertilization occurs here
Urethra Process of fetal development
Heredity Process of cell division that occurs during the formatin of a mature ovum or spermacyte
Testerone Carries the Genetic Code
Clitoris Organ that attaches to endometrium
Trimesters Birth Canal
Embryo Fertilized ovum
Scrotum Connection between placenta and fetus
Haploid Fertilized egg
Penis Ribonucleic acid initial
Phenotype chromosomal contents
Mesovarium Ending of menses
Testes male sex gland that secretes an alkaline viscid ejaculatory fluid
RNA Normal gene expression that can pass genetic disease
Prostate gland # of chromosones carried on each sex cell in the body
Menarche multifactorial genetic disease
Pudendum Milk production occurs here
Fallopian Tubes Male reproductive organ
Mammary Glands Passing of traits from parents to children
Myometrium Vulva

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