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polysaccharides oral compounds that stimulate insulin secretion
hyperplasty a compound found in meat and meat extracts, sometimes avoided as a treatment for gout
hyperglycemia diminished or absent production of saliva
hyperalimentation does not dissolve in water
grazing number of particles dissolved in a solution
steatorrhea chemical produced by cells of the body to stimulate certain life processes
vegetarian deficiency of hydrochloric acid in the gastric juice
hormone excess thirst
overweight substances found in food neededfor health
steroids swelling of the thyroid gland caused by iodine deficiency
kilocalorie after meals
transferrin form of fat found in the blood and body tissues
oxidation a person who obtains all their protein from plant sources such as legumes, nuts and seeds
oliguria a term applied to a manner of continous eating as opposed to 3 distinct meals
gustatory bone disease seen in childhood caused by lack of vitamin D
legume a state in which nitrogen intake through protein ingestion equals the amount being excreted through the kidney (two words)
purging intentional vomiting, laxative abuse and exercising aimed that is part of bulimia
mastication excess appetite
lipids most complex for of carbohydrates
underweight form of soluble fiber found in jellybellies
ketosis a protein hormone formed in the pancreas and secreted into the blood for the purpose of metabolism
hypochlorhydria a person who avoids eating meat for health or spiritual reasons
polyphagia storage form of carbohydrate found in the liver and muscle
vitamins a nutritional deficiency disease caused by long-term lack of niacin causing nerve, digestive and skin symptoms
lactose all forms of fat
pectin unit of measure of energy --3500 of these are in a pound of body fat
obesity an excess of 10 percent body weight over an ideal weight
protein the waves of contraction by which the digestive tract propels its contents
marasmus around or near a tooth
peristalsis the fruit or seed of pod-bearing plants such as peas, beans, lentils, and peanuts
lipase form of carbohydrate found in milk
polydipsia gland behind the stomach that releases insulin, glucagon, and enzymes of digestion
glycogenolysis simple form of carbohydrate--one unit sugar molecules
hypocupremia breakdown of body fat
triglycerides elevation of glucose in the blood
postprandial the process by which fat particles becomes so finely dispersed that they do not rise in a liquid
periodontal a chemical process of energy metabolism in which oxygen removes electrons from atoms
Purine the combination of anabolism and catabolism
pancreas abnormal craving for nonfood substances
pellagra excess number of fat cells
monosaccharide an enzyme that hastens a transfer from one molecule to another
hemoglobin addition of water to a molecule/important to energy release
lipolysis a serum globulin or protein that binds and transports iron
pica decreased urinary output
vegan a weight greater than 20 percent ideal body weight, or a body mass index greater than 30
insulin low copper levels in the blood
nitrogenbalance pertaining to taste
goiter the accumulation in the blood and tissues of large quantities of ketone bodies as a result of oxidation of fats
sulfonylureas excess fat in the stool
xerostomia an important group of body compounds that includes sex and adrenal hormones, vitamin D, and cholesterol
osmolality an enzyme that hastens the splitting of fats into glycerol and fatty acids
homogenize a substance produced during metabolism
hydrolysis large organic substances in food that containnitrogen for building purposes related to growth, provides 4 kilocalories per gram.
glycogen total parenteral nutrition
kwashiorkor protein deficiency disease
metabolism chewing
rickets oxygen-carrying pigment of the blood
insoluble the breakdown of stored carbohydrate in the liver from glycogen to glucose
metabolite protein-kilocalorie malnutrition
transferase a body mass index less than 19

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