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MORPHINE A patient with a NCA must be on this service
NONE This pain scale is used for infants, nonverbal, or unresponsive patients
HOUR At the beginning of the shift, two RNs must independently verify pump ______ with a copy of the PCA order
NARCAN The nurse must not activate the pump at any time when a patient is doing this
FIVERIGHTS NCA is PCA by "_____"
CONSISTENT An order from this person is required for NCA
DRUGALLERGIES Amount of medication patient has received must be documented every _____
FLACC NCA settings must be double-checked by a second RN within this many minutes
COMULATIVE Other service(s) allowed to write for narcotics while the patient is on NCA
NURSE Documentation of the NCA is done on this flowsheet
FIFTEEN Prior to initiating NCA, the RN must assure these
PAINTREATMENTSERVICE NCA dosing usually results in _____ drug used over a 24 hour period than larger IV push boluses every few hours
LESS A 0.4 mg ampule of this must be available on the unit when a paatient is receiving NCA
ACTIVATE Document the ____ max or continuous rate
SEDATION The nurse should notify the Pain Treatment Service to evaluate the patient if the patient receives greater than or equal to _____ injections/hour in two consecutive hours
ATTEMPTS In addition to pain rating, this level must be documented every two hours
NCA This amount should start over with each syringe change
VITALSIGNS Nurse Controlled Analgesia
HOURLY The number of _____ ,as well as injections, are documented every hour
FAMILY Smaller, more frequent doses of pain med using NCA usually results in more ______ pain control
PROXY The only person allowed to operate NCA is the ____
COGNITIVELY They need to be taught that they are never allowed to push the NCA button for any reason
ORDER A common medication used in NCA is
PUMPKEY Caused when family members activated the PCA pump
PHYSICIAN NCA is used when a patient cannot ____ the pump themselves
SENTINELEVENT NCA is for those physically and/or ______ impaired
PROGRAMMING In addition to the five rights, the RN must know the patient's status of this before initiating NCA
TWO This must be attached to the pump during use
WITNESS To open the pump, you must have this
SLEEPING Document every hour while the patient is asleep; every ____ hours while the patient is awake
THREE When the syringe is disconnected or completed, you must have this when you waste

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