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Nephrology Nurses

Nephrology Nurses Week

Microalbuminuria Internal dialysis access
Peritoneal Food high in potassium
Insulin Means the same as acute renal failure
Fosrenal Early sign of kidney disease with diabetes
Hand Washing Prevents the spread of infection
Vancomycin Food high in phosphorus
ESRD Hormone produced by the kidney for red blood cells
Calciphylaxis Renal nurse professionals
Bicarb Severe calcium and phosphorus imbalance
Cheese Chronic Kidney Disease stage 5
KCP Oxygen delivery in the body
ANNA Kidney produces and regulates this to buffer acid
Falls Phosphate binder
Creatinine Muscle breakdown
Fistula Treat hyperkalemia by moving K into the cells
Chocolate Campaign to reduce mortality among first year dialysis patients
KDOQI Organ sharing network
Erythropoietin Assess patient post dialysis to prevent this risk
Iron Nephrology quality outcome guidelines
Acute Kidney Injury A semipermeable membrane fused for dialysis
UNOS Nephrotoxic drug

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