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Medical Terminology

Aliyya Fatima

No description

mammography prefix for too many
renal frequent urination
myogram suffix for development
polyuria prefix for first
urethrocystitis ovarian tumor
vasorrhaphy suturing of the vagina
plegia bladder pain
gravida excision of the vas deferens
spondylosis excision of the uterus
coccyx suffix for pregnancy
oophoroma process of using a scope to view the bladder
arthroscopy on the rounded part of the bone
cystalgia suturing of the vas deferens
aniso condition of sugar in the urine
prefebrile inflammation of the urethra and bladder
puerperium syn. for post partum
colporrhaphy prolapse of a kidney
thoracocentesis suffix for pain
salpingo-oophoritis prefix for unequal
hysterectomy tail bone
cryptorchidism suffix for eat or swallow
phagia surgical punture of the chest to remove fluid
osteoporosis embryonic cell
ooblast before the fever
meta x-ray of the uterus and uterine tubes
mastectomy hidden endescended testicle
nephroptosis inflammation of the uterine tubes and ovaries
cystoscopy process of taking a breast x-ray
hysterosalpingogram surgical fixation of a kidney
glycosuria picture of a muscle function
nephropexy prefix for around or near
orchidocele process of using a scope to view inside a joint
vasectomy herniation of a testicle
primi porous condition of bone
poly suffix for paralysis
dynia condition of the spine
condyle pertaining to the kidney
peri excision of the breast
plasia prefix for beyond

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