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Hand Hygiene

Debbie Clark

How much do you know about hand hygiene

dirty If this is located too far away, you may not wash your hands.
nails side-effect of washing your hands too much.
ecoli We should encourage __________ to remind health-care workers to decontaminate therir hands.
wash the main ingredient in hand rubs.
antimicrobial Health-care workers who wear gloves are less likely to do this to their hands
Semmelweis Healthcare workers can do this to their hands simply by touching an environmental surface.
dermatitis You should wash your hands for this many seconds.
education Healthcare workers who wear these on their hands can carry gram negative organisms for several months.
patients wash your hands when they are visibly ___________.
contact soap that contains an antiseptic agent
gloves The natural rubber that gloves are made from.
Lister when these are artificial, they harbor gram-negative pathogens.
FDA organism most frequently the cause of urinary tract infections.
contaminate The "father" of hand hygiene
bacteria Nurses in pediatric wards wash their hands this many times.
vinyl If you have an allergy to latex, you can wear _______ gloves.
eight This is an important factor for improvement with hand-hygiene practices.
sink Reproduces slowly on the hands after a surgical scrub with alcohol.
contamination Wearing gloves does not provide complete protection against hand _______________.
latex You can save this by implementing an effective hand-hygiene program.
fifteen This agency regulates the agents used in health-care antisepsis.
alcohol Used as an effective antiseptic since the 1800's but discolors the skin.
money The CDC recommends that health-care workers wear these to reduce the risk of acquiring infections from patients.
iodine In the late 1800s, this doctor promoted using carbolic acid for hand antisepsis. He is named after a mouth wash.
rings Decontaminate your hands before having direct patient ___________.

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