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Nursing Student

A few abreviations nurses need to know in their practice.

elix patch
IM alternate hour
tab suspension
prn left ear
p.c. slow release
stat nothing by mouth
a left eye
h.s. both ears
OU both eyes
po gastrostomy tube
KVO every other day
qs keep vein open
OS per rectum
SC intravenous push bolus
AU nasogastric
SR capsule
caps without
IVPB suppository
AS right now
noct bedtime, hour of sleep
Dura right eye
min intradermal
SL when necessary
ung intravenous
h with
OD tablet
qod right ear
qh once every day
bid drop
ad lib subcutaneous
supp four times a day
tid before meals
qtt before
s every hour
qid water
od one half
et twice a day
alt. h. after meals
c ointment
GT solution
cap intramuscular
AD as soon as possible
a.c. after
NG three times a day
ASAP quantity sufficient
ID night
NJ minute
npo sublingual
PR nasojejunal tube
susp and
TKO per os or by mouth
ss hour
sol to keep open
aq as desired
qd elixir
p capsule
IV once every day

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