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Chapter Five

No description

valvuloplasty tumor of lymphatic vessels
pericardium surgical excision of blood clot
lymphangioma dilation of a vessel caused by weakness
myocardium agent to prevent or delay blood clots
arrhythmia acute infection caused by Epstein-Barr virus
ischemia bursting forth of blood
anticoagulant muscular layer of heart
hemorrhage higher than normal blood pressure
mononucleosis layer lining heart and heart valves
septum accumulation of fatty substances in walls of arteries
cardiac Fibrous sac enclosing heart
cardiomegaly irregular, random contraction of heart fibers
thrombectomy plastic or restorative surgery on a valve
deoxygenated enlarged heart
angioplasty irregularity or loss of rhythm of heartbeat
arterioles wall or partition dividing body space or cavity
fibrillation decreased blood flow to a body part
thymoma brain damage from interruption of blood supply
splenomegaly endovascular procedure reopening narrowed blood vessels
cerebral pertaining to the heart
stroke pertaining to the cerebrum
atherosclerosis low oxygen content
endocardium enlargement of the spleen
hypertension small arteries
aneurysm tumor of thymus gland

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