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Christina Fowlks

No description

Spirometry triggers mast cell activation
Edema rapid respiratory rate
Retraction breathing test
Respiratory Failure incomplete emptying of air from the lungs during expiration
Hypoxemia whistling sound heard during lung auscultation
PEF results from rapid breathing rate and increased blow off carbon dioxide
Allergen obstructs and narrows airway
Mucus Plug sympathomimetic bronchodilator
Airtrapping tests amount of air that is blown out as quickly as possible
Histamine caused by increased vascular permeability
Albuterol untreated status asthmaticus
Bronchoconstriction substance released in response to mast cell activation
Tachypnea oxygen saturation below 95%
Wheeze anticholinergic agent
Atrovent increased smooth muscle contraction
Hypocapnia increased work of breathing

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