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Math Vocab Search Chapter 1

Joe Thornburgh

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Definiton A fundamental statement that is assumed to be true without proof
Negation 1/60th of a degree
Tick Marks Two angles with the same measure
Hypothisis Place where to points meet or cross
Bisect the part of an if - then statement that follows the word "then". Consequent
Vertex Angles that measures 180 degrees exactly
Line Segment A straight set of points that extends off into infinity in both directions
Congruent Angles Line on which every point represents a real number
Line A figure formed by two rays with a common endpoint
Midpoint A point in the middle of two others
Triangle Useful tool for determining wethere or not a conditional statement is true
Intersection Point of an angle where two rays interset
Protractor To divide a segment or an angle into two congruent parts
Postulate Not lying on the same line
Number Line A Set of two points one end going off into infinety
Ray Angle that measures 90 degrees exactly
Congruent Segments Angle that is longer than 90 degrees
Conclusion Three sided polygon
Acute Angle A proposition that is being investigated, it has yet to be proven
Noncollinear Unit of measure for angles
Therom Two points on a line, and all the points between those two points
Angle States the meaning of a term or idea
Venn Diagram If the statment is "P" then the negation is "not P"
Straight Angle A mathmatical statement that has been proven
Right Angle Angle with measure less than 90 degrees
Degree Used to indicate congruent angles and segments
Collinear To divide a angle into three congruent parts
Minute Lying on the same line
Trisect Device for measuring angles
Obtuse Angle Two segments with the same length

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