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8th EOG Math Vocabulary Goal 1

v jacobs

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secending we____to make numbers easier to work with
absolute value combination of more than one inequality
simplify comparison between different things
ratio ratio of circumference to length of the diameter
square name of math symbol =
subsets 1, 2, 3, 4,...a, b, c, d,....from lowest to highest
scientific notation integers, whole, and rational are ____of real numbers
rational numbers 3.141592... is an example
greater than 3, 2, 1, ...order from highest to lowest
denominator end result of subtraction
sum name of math symbol >
place value name of math symbol <
irrational numbers one of two equal factors of a number, 16 = 4 or -4
repeating decimal distance of a number from zero on a number line
ascending depends on place or position of a digit
estimation top number of a fraction
prime factorization bottom number of a fraction
difference sign placed before another to denote a root is to be extracted
integers numbers in a/b form
product approximation of a quantity
pi end result of division
quotient decimal that never ends
compound inequality short-hand for writing very large or very small numbers
odd number raised to the second power
equal to includes rational and irrational number
number line end result of multiplication
radical sign whole number not divisible by two
real numbers line with equal distance marked off to represent numbers
square root examples are 25, 49. 144
nonterminating decimal number written as a product of primes
less than examples are 0.757575..., 0.333...
perfect square includes positives, zero, and negatives
even end result of addition
numerator whole number divisible by two

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