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Polygon The smallest nonzero number that is a multiple of two or more numbers.
Origin A quadrilateral with four 90-degree angles.
Variable A parallelogram with four equal sides.
Volume The side opposite the right angle in a right triangle.
Rectangle A three-sided polygon.
Y-Axis A measurement of space, or capacity.
Angle A selection in which order is not important.
Coefficient A mathematical statement that says that two expressions have the same value; any number sentence with an equal sign.
Least Common Multiple The sum of the lengths of the sides of a polygon.
Combination The square root of x is the number that, when multiplied by itself, gives the number, x.
Diagonal Parenthesis, Exponent, Multiplication, Division, Addition, Subtraction.
Greatest Common Factor The number of square units that covers a shape or figure.
Exponent A number or symbol, as 3 in (x y)3, placed to the right of and above another number, symbol, or expression, denoting the power to which that number, symbol, or expression is to be raised.
Square Root One method for calculating the total number of outcomes in a sample space.
Factor A quadrilateral with four equal sides and four 90 degree angles.
Ordered Pair Given or x^n, the "x" is the base. The base number gets multiplied by itself the number of times indicated by the exponent, "n".
Hypotenuse The vertical axis in a Cartesian coordinate system.
Rhombus A five-sided polygon.
Triangle A letter used to represent a number.
Counting Tree The line segment connecting two nonadjacent vertices in a polygon.
Area One of two or more expressions that are multiplied together to get a product.
Base The union of two rays with a common endpoint, called the vertex.
X-Axis The horizontal axis in a Cartesian coordinate plane.
Equation A closed plane figure made up of several line segments that are joined together.
Perimeter A constant that multiplies a variable.
Square Set of two numbers in which the order has an agreed-upon meaning, such as the Cartesian coordinates (x, y), where the first coordinate represents the horizontal position, and the second coordinate represents the vertical position.
Order of Operations The point (0, 0) on a coordinate plane, where the x-axis and the y-axis intersect.
Pentagon The largest number that divides two or more numbers evenly.

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