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Chapter 4 vocab

tyler olivero

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Obtusetriangle Two geometric figures that have the exact same size and shape.
Congruentfigures Two different angles that are made by two lines and a transversal occupies corresponding positions.
Legsofarttriangle It is the initial point of two rays.
Equilateraltriangle A triangle that measures more the 90 degrees.
Equiangulartriangle A triangle where no sides are equal.
Vertexangle The sides that form a right angle in a right triangle.
Baseangles The opposite side of a right angle in a right triangle.
Scalenetriangle A triangle that has three congruent sides.
Isoscelestriangle A triangle in wich two sides are equal.
Correspondingsides A triangle in wich all three sides are equal.
Adjacentsides If two angles are congruent the sides that are in corresponding position and are congruent are called?
Rightriangle When the lines of a triangle are extended the angles that are adjacent to the inside angles.
Legsofanisocelestriangle Two sides of a triangle that have a common vertex.
Vertex When the lines of a triangle are extended the three original angles of the triangle.
Corollary A triangle the measure less than 90 degrees.
Acutetriangle An angle wich measures to be 90 degrees.
Exteriorangle Two angles that are at the bottom of a triangle.
Hypotenuse A statement that can be proved by using a defintion or thereom.
Interiorangle The two congruent sides of isoceles triangle.
Correspondingangles The rays are the sides of the triangle and the initial point of the rays is the?

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