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Chapters 1-5 Vocabulary

Lyndsey Waite

Complete the Puzzle

power Where the line crosses the x-axis
ordered pair A number with an exponent
identity A way to organize data with verticle or horizontal bars
bar graph Where the line crosses the y-axis
opposites Different possible results
verbal model When outcomes can vary
values Consist of a collection of outcomes
positive correlation The output values are also known as the
x-intercept Points scattered throughout the graph
data A letter used to represent one or more numbers
input The point that corresponds to a number
like terms The numbers used in an Algebra book
line graph Terms in an expression that have the same variables
equation Horizontal line of the graph
output The domain is also known as the
y-intercept Also known as m or k
real numbers The distance between the number and the orgin
domain The number that is to the power
y-axis The answer to a problem
odds Defined to be any sey of ordered pairs
graph A rectanglular arrangement of number into horizontal rows and vertical columns
reciprocal A positive number and a negitive number
x-axis Means information
Velocity The point labeled ZERO
slope (X,Y)
origin Indacates both speed and direction
variable The input values are also known as the
function Is either negative, zero, or positive
base The numbers are the ________ of the variable
relation Also known as a porblem
solution of an equation A rule that establishes the relationship between two qualities
scatter plot When the line has a negative slope
negative correlation The range is also known as the
outcomes An useful graph for showing changes in data over time
range When the line has a positive slope
exponent An equation that is true for all values of the variables
absolute values The problem shown by using words
event y=mx b
integers Represents how many times you will multiply the base
slope-intercept form Vertical line of a the graph
matrix The flip of a number or fraction
formula An algebraic expression

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