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Chad's Math Crossword Puzzle


Chapter 1 Vocabulary

Evaluate Any non zero number, A is 1/A.
Solution of an Equasion The numerical factor in a term.
Opposite Pair of inequalities joined by and or or.
Absolute Value of a Real Number A number that makes an equasion true.
Sample Space An expression that contains one or more variables.
Experimental Probability Is a number a variable or the product of a number and one or more variables.
Term Possibility of an event.
Compound Inequalituy Of any number A is -A the sum of opposite is zero.
Extraneous Solution Expression that uses one or more variables.
Absolute Value The distance a number is from zero.
Multiplicative Inverse Used to find experimental probabilities.
Variable expression Solution of an equasion derived from an original equation that isn't a solution to the original equation.
Tolerance Equals one half of the difference between the maximum and minimum values.
Variable When you do something in order.
Theoretical Probability Of any number A is -A the sum of opposite is zero.
Coefficient The distance a number is on a number line.
Simulation Any non zero number, A is 1/A.
Aditive Inverse A symbol thta represents one or more numbers.
Reciprocal If a sample space has N equality likely outcomes
Agebraic Expression The set of all possible outcomes.

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