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Math Vocabulary

Third Grade Teachers

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factor the amount left over after dividing
numerator the bottom part of a fraction that tells the total number of equal parts in the whole
remainder to examine whole numbers to see if one is greater than, less, or equal to another number
rule the answer in a multiplication problem
product give a number to the nearest ten, hundred, or thousand
digit what you count by or the order of shapes and or colors in a pattern
round a mathematical statement that two sets of values are equal
dividend a number obtained as a result of addition
fraction the top part of a fraction that tells how many parts you are counting
divisor one numeral
equal the answer to a subtraction problem
least smallest number
compare the parts of a whole when it is divided into equal parts
greatest the number by which a number is divided
denominator the number to be divided
pattern numbers, colors, and shapes arranged in a certain order
difference find a number close to an exact amount
equation two or more amounts or quantities that are the same
estimate largest or biggest number
sum numbers you multiply to get the product

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