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Trigonometry Terms

Ray Weier

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positive Half the difference between maximum and minimum.
second Intercepted by a central angle in a circle.
complex (pi)/2 radians in degrees.
circle The reciprocal of the sine.
sine One cycle of a trigonometric function.
asymptote Terminal sides coincide.
minute The reciprocal of the cosine.
parabola Instrument for drawing circles.
radian Two angles whose sum is 180 degrees.
hexagon Angle from horizontal down to line of sight.
elevation The reciprocal of the tangent.
depression Graph of y = x^2.
amplitude Two angles whose sum is 90 degrees.
secant Name for the origin in polar graphing.
arcsin Longest side in a right triangle.
ninety A heart-shaped curve.
line Angle from horizontal up to line of sight.
complementary 1/60th of a minute.
supplementary Number in the form "a bi".
coterminal Secant is the __?__ of the cosecant.
cosecant Instrument for measuring angles in degrees.
rose Graph of x^2 y^2 = r^2.
compass 1/360th revolution.
identity 1/60th of a degree.
frequency The ratio of the opposite leg to the hypotenuse.
negative Sign of an angle with counter-clockwise rotation.
protractor Line which is appoached by a graph.
tangent Graph of y = mx b.
cardioid The change in y over the change in x.
oblique The set of possible input values for a function.
hypotenuse The ratio of the adjacent leg to the hypotenuse.
cofunction The set of output values for a function.
arc The ratio of the opposite leg to the adjacent leg.
period The inverse of the sine function.
cosine Sign of an angle with clockwise rotation.
pole A radial angle.
range The reciprocal of the period.
cotangent A non-right triangle.
slope A six-sided polygon.
domain Polar graph with "leaves".
degree An equation that is true for all values in the domain.

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