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The Slippery Slope and Formulas

Wildcat Math

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slope If the data points do not all lie on a line, but are close to a line, you can draw a "_?_"
vertical If the product of K4 and K5 are -1/2 are these lines perbendicular?
three A " ? " is described by an equation of the from y = kx
lineoffit As x increases, y increases this is called a ________ correlation.
parallel An undefined slope is represented by a ________ line.
no Lines where the product of the slope is -1 are _______.
slope Y = 1/2x - 21, What is the value of slope?
onehalf The "?" of a line is a number determined by any two points on the line.
directvariation Lines that have the same slope are ________.
undefined A "?" is a graph in which two sets of data are plotted as ordered pairs in a coordinate plane.
yes An equation generated using the coordinates of a known point and athe slpe of the line is " ? "
yintercept The calculator uses a statistical method to find the line that most closely approximates the data. The line is called the "_?_"
yes Are the lines perpendicular? m1=1/4, m2=-4
negative b is representative of "what value" is our equations
positive If line K1 has a slope of 2/3 and K2 has a slope of 2/3, are the lines parallel?
horizontal An equation of the form y=mx b is in "?" form.
bestfitline What is the slope intercept form?
run True or False, the change in x is over the change in y.
scatterplot Find the slope of a line that passes through (1,3) and (-2, -6)
pointslope Y= 4/5x 10, What is the y-intercept?
False A line with a slope of 0 is a ________ line
perpendicular As x decreases, y decreases this is called a ________ correlation.
y=mx b Slope is the ratio of the change in y (rise) to the change in x (?)
slopeintercept A slope with 0 on the bottom i.e 5/0 is what?
ten M is representative of "what value" is our equations?

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