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The Mathmatician

Test your knowledge about the most mystifying number known to humans--pi.

William Jones What did the Greek symbol for pi denote in ancient Greece (write out the number)?
Contact Pi is circumference divided by ____.
diameter At position 763 there are six nines in a row. What is this point called?
the Feynman Point What number is not in the first thirty-one digits of pi (write out the number)?
irrational Pi is what type of number?
ten About how many digits of pi are known (round to the nearest whole number and write out the number)?
double helix Who gave the Greek letter for pi its current mathmatical definition?
Lu Chao What bible verse references pi?
1 Kings 7:23 Who is the pi memory champion?
zero What is the date of Pi Day.
eighty Pi appears in the equation for the DNA _____ ____ shape.
22/7 Pi in base pi is ____ (write out the number).
3/14 What society found the first known value of pi?
Babylonian What book by Carl Sagan claimed that pi held a message from the creators of the universe?
six billion What is another name for pi in Germany?
die Ludolphsche Zahl What is the fraction commonly used to approximate pi?

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