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Maths Terms


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circumfrerence the only whole numbered factors of these numbers are 1 and itself
triangle an animal with eight legs
polygon the most frequently occuring value in a set of data
heptagon The change in y value divided by change in x value for a line
gradient a many sided figure
octopus a four sided figure with equal sides but not all angles equal
velocity the sum of _______ angles of polygon equals sum of angles which meet at a point
median the area of this shape is half of the length times the height
decagon an example of a rectangular prism or cuboid
standard Alice has a fractional _____ _______ in her first transformation
reflection about 3.14 diameters
south 4,9,16,25,36,49 are all _________ numbers
scalefactor a can has this shape
exterior 180 is the sum of the angles in a ______________.
mode a shape with six sides
horizontal a ten sided shape
prime distance divided by time
cylinder the direction expressed by 180 if you want to know your bearings
trapezium the y- ______________ is the point were the line crosses the axis
triangle a "shift" transformation
square exactly one pair of parallel sides in this shape
translation a type of transformation junk food can cause
intercept y=6 would be a ____________ line
gradient one type of transformation, wicked queen uses this one
box The word for m in y=mx c
hexagon the middle value in a set of data
gradient a shape with seven sides
enlargement the shape of a quadratic equation
rhombus 2.59 x 10 is written in ___________ form
parabola The steepness of a slope

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