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Math Vocabulary 2

David Williams

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product the X value of an equation
x-intercept the number you are dividing by (dividend divided by divisor = quotient)
addend add, subtract, multiply, divide
median the number being divided (dividend divided by divisor = quotient)
sum point on a coordiante plane where the line crosses the y axis
dividend a number that is the product of two integers ( 4 8 12 16 are ___ of 4)
y-intercept a b = b a or a x b = b x a
quotient a(b c) = ab ac
distributive quotients of integers (a number that can be written as a fraction)
associative same shape but different size (sides are in proportion to each other)
irrational numbers average (add numbers, divide sum by the number of numbers your added)
proportion answer in multiplication
rational numbers difference between highest and lowest numbers after placing from least to greatest
mode the number being subtracted from
subtrahend point on a coordinate plane where the line crosses the x axis
congruent answer in division
range (a b) c = a (b c) OR (a x b) x c = a(b x c)
divisor the Y value of an equation
multiple nonterminating, nonrepeating decimals (e.g. square root of 2 or pi)
integer answer in addition
inverse a 0 = a OR a x 1 = a
difference ... -3 -2 -1 0 1 2 3 ... all positive and negative numbers on a number line with 0
range the numbers you multiply together to get a product
similar the numbers you add to get a sum
domain same size, same shape
commutative a - b = c _________ c b = a OR a divided by b = c _____ c x b = a
identity answer in subtraction
minuend the number being subtracted
mean the middle number (after placing from least to greatest) can be between two numbers
operations a statement that ratios are equal
factor the number that appears the most times (may be more than one)

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