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Math Vocabulary

A. Chandler

MCT 2 Terms

right counting numbers
diameter length times width
mode 3.14
ordered pair undo or step to solve an equation
polygon natural numbers and 0
operation equality symbol
integers displays possible outcomes of an event
equation add, subtract, multiply, divide...
area side
decimal sum is 180
complementary horizontal and vertical
prime nuber length around; sum of the sides
linear equation multiply
coordinates 2 times the radius
evaluate perimeter of a circle
natural average
parallel lines teacher
tree diagram angle measuring exactly 90 degrees
inequality unacceptable level
minimal desired level
distributive property measures less than 90 degrees
number line whole numbers and their opposites
face domain paired with exactly one range
function table rational and irrational
mean same
exponent less than, greater than...
absolute value alphabet
function no equality symbol
congruent only 2 factors
square root never meet
composite a^2 b^2 = c^2
whole more than 2 factors
median (5, 7)
variable occurs the most
expression likelihood of an event occuring
chandler substitute and simplify
acute angle middle number
axes line where numbers are written
supplementary rise/run
advanced 1.48
pi y=3x 4
quadrant distance from zero on the number line
prism where the graph crosses that axis
irrational number 85%
perimeter non-repeating, non-terminating decimal
intercepts forms right angle
percent sum of 90
real numbers angle that measures between 90 and 180 degrees
circumference triangle, quadrilateral, pentagon, hexagon...
perpendicular ___ of 144 is 12
probability face of a quadrilateral
inverse operation 2, 5^2
fraction x,y
pythagorean theorem 4 regions
slope t-table
obtuse 2/3

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