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Below are descriptions of Math Careers you found in the word search.

technician studies people and their culture
secretary studies
doctor collects data
pilot provides food
nurse creates paintings
carpenter instructs others
artist principal cook in a hotel or restaurant
investigator writes computer programs
engineer calculates insurance premiums, risks
contractor checks finances
architect performs, conducts or composes music
mortician engages in lawmaking
officer owner or senior employee of a bank
dentist seeks facts
nutritionist examines, assesses
programmer gives medical treatment
dietitian operates aircraft
farmer practices the application of math
athlete works in an administrative office
virologist creates
pharmacist member of police force
pathologist participates in competitive games
actuary creates expensive clothes
politician buys and sells stocks, shares
therapist designs buildings
chef doctor of teeth
caterer travels in space
banker installs
electrician represents clients in court
statistician operates a farm
astronomer tends to the sick and injured
astronaut supplies labor and materials for specific jobs
archeologist treats diseases, disorders
analyst determines the causes of diseases
broker specialist of food, nutrition
musician funeral director
accountant oversees healthy eating habits
attorney observer of the stars and planets
designer builder or repairer of wood structures
teacher dispenses medicinal drugs

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