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Language of Mathematics

Miss Rankin

Algebraic terms

quadtrant Set of more than one equation to be solved.
zero Horizontal lines have ____ slope.
natural The answer to a division problem.
function Section of the xy-coordinate plane numbered I, II, III, IV
distrivutive Logarithms are set equal to what?
origin A positive or negative whole number or zero.
one Exactly one output for each input (think "birthday algorithm")
inverse A number with only two factors, itself and one.
squares Any number divided by zero is _____.
undefined Make logarithmic functions smaller (ln6 - 2lnx = ln (6/x^2))
expand Name of this property: ab = ba
quotient Name of this property: a(b c) = ab ac
vertex Vertical lines have ____ slope.
ten What makes these different: 4x^2 and (4x)^2
parallel Lines whose slopes are opposite reciprocals are ____.
equation Name of this property: a 0 = a
trinomial Some of you sang this formula for extra credit.
inequality Name of this property: a(bc) = (ab)c
parentheses x^2 - 64 is called a difference of ____.
root A logarithm with no base given is log base ___.
line The denominator of a rational exponent is the ____.
no The graph of a linear equation is a ____.
associative Any number that does not contain an i.
perpendicular Use this formula to find the length of a segment given two ordered pairs.
quadratic Rise over run; steepness of a line.
change-of-base Use this formula to calculate the logarithm of any base.
system Make logarithmic functions larger (ex: log(xyz) = logx logy logz)
ordered The intersection of the x and y axes.
slope Anything to the zero power equals _____.
integer The square root of a negative number results in an ______ number.
identity y = mx b is called slope-_______ form.
rational Name of this property: a (-a) = 0
work A polynomial with only 3 terms.
intercept Name of a number that cannot be represented by a fraction (ex: pi).
irrational Use this formula to find the ordered pair of the center of a segment.
parabola Show ALL ______!!
prime A mathematical sentence.
imaginary The maximum or minimum point of a parabola found by -b/2a.
condense (x, y) is an _____ pair.
midpoint Two lines with the same slope are ______.
commutative Graph formed by a quadtratic function (ex: x^2 3)
distance Log base e is called a ____ log.
exponents A fractional exponent is also called a ______ exponent.
real <, >, <=, >= are all _____ symbols.

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