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Mrs. Albrecht

No description

ordered pair The distance a number is from zero
y-axis 0,1,2,...
coordinates (0,0)
quadrants We measure the first coordinate on the __ __
deposit ...-3,-2,-1,0,1,2,3,...
ordering Numbers that are the same distance from zero
integer To list least to greatest or greatest to least
opposite numbers The four regions made by the axes of the coordinate plane
positive number The horizontal number line is called the __ __
absolute value A whole numbers or its opposite
x-axis 1,2,3,...
horizonal axis Taking money out of an account
coordinate plane We measure the second coordinate on the __ __
vertical axis Putting money into an account
counting numbers This is based on two number lines
withdrawal The two numbers used to locate a point make an __ __
whole numbers A number less than zero
origin A number greater than zero
integers The vertical number line is called the __ __
negative number The pair of numbers used to locate a point

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