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6th EOG Math Goal 2

v jacobs

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parallel set of points in a plane that are the same distance from the center
congruent exact location in space
area angle that measures 90 degrees
interior angle whose measures greater that 90 but less than 180 degrees
pi line segment that passes through the center of a circle and has endpoint on the circle
octagon triangle with two congruent sides
heptagon line segment with one endpoint in the center of a circle and the other endpoint on the circle
diameter line segment that joins two points on the circumference of a circle
equilateral having same shape and same size
corresponding angles formed by two lines entersected by a third line
hexagon three-sided polygon
vertex pair of opposite congruent angles formed by intersecting lines
chord angle that measures less than 90 degrees
rhombus object or structure looks the same after a specific change occurs
pentagon number of square units needed cover a given surface
perimeter eight-sided polygon
obtuse distance around a circle
isosceles matching two or more angles or polygons
exterior quadrilateral with exactly one pair of parallel sides
acute four-sided polygon
symmetrical lines that cross at exactly one point
scalene line that cuts across two or more parallel lines at different points
trapezoid nine-sided polygon
similar straight path that extends without end in opposite directions
decagon having same shape but not necessarily the same size
triangle ratio of circumference to the length of its diameter; 3.14
vertical six-sided polygon
transversal point where two sides intersect on angle or polygon
alternate distance around a polygon
perpendicular parallelogram with all sides congruent
line lines in a plane that do not intersect
quadrilateral part of a line that starts in one point and continues forever
nonagon angles on the outer sides of two lines intersected by a third line
radius ten-sided polygon
circumference five-sided polygon
right triangle with three congruent sides
ray triangle with no congruent sides
circle lines that lie in different planes that are neither parallel or perpendicular
skew lines that intersect to form right angles
intersecting angles on the inner sides of two lines intersected by a third line
point seven-sided polygon

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