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Geometry - Transformations

Mr. Jones

Key terms associated with transformations

translation a mirror image or result of a reflection
map Repeats itself along a straight line
composition when line of reflection is perpendicular bisector of segment BB'
tiling a transformation does this to a figure onto its image
linesymmetry dilation by a factor less than 1
preimage transformation that uses circular motion
isometry when an image is congruent to its preimage
reflection when the image is enlarged or reduced
primenotation when a half turn maps a figure onto itself
scalefactor change in position, size or shape of a figure
image a tessellation
symmetry an isometry that maps a figure onto itself
dilation original figure in a transformation
transformation the result of a transformation
rotation a repeating pattern of figures that completely covers a plane without overlap or gaps
friezepattern more than one transformation at a time
reduction composition of translation followed by reflection
glidereflection used to identify image points
pointsymmetry describes size change from preimage to image
tessellation moves all points of a figure the same distance and direction

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