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Geometry Honors Crossword Project

Shawna Nolan

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colplanerpoints vertical angles are ____________.
segmentbisector a statement formed by writing the negative of the original statement.
congruentsegments a ray that divides an angle into two adjacent angles that are congruent. (two words)
segment a conditional statement that is formed by swithing the hypothesis and the conclusion.
collinearpoints if a=b, then b=a; ____________ property.
ray a segment, ray, line, or plane that divides a segmentat its midpoint. (two words)
supplementary rules that are accepted without proof. "duh"
conditionalstatement a=a; ___________ property.
converse the set of points that figures have in common.
perpendicular the "then" part of a conditional statement.
counterexample a true statement that follows as a result of othertrue statements. IT MUST BE PROVEN.
negation a point that divides a segment into two congruent segments.
reflexive a statment that coontains the phrase "if and only if" and is equivalent to writing a conditional statement and its converse. (two words)
intersection rules that had to be proven.
midpoint points that do not lie on the same plane. (two words)
congruent if the sum of two angles is 180, then they are _____________.
symmetric point, line, plane are all ___________ terms.
obtuseangle a process that involves looking for patterns and making conjectures. (two words)
linearpair angle that measures exactly 180 degrees. (two words)
noncollinearpoints two adjacent angles whose non-common sides are opposite rays. (two words)
inductivereasoning angle that measeures 89 degrees or less. (two words)
parallel two planes that do not intersect.
parallelplanes segments that have the same length. (two words)
hypothesis an example that shows a conjecture is false.
postulates points that lie on the same plane. (two words)
anglebisector if the sum of two angles is 90, than they are
adjacentangles angle that measures exactly 90 degrees. (two words)
straightangle points that do not lie on the same line. (two words)
theorem a conditional statement that is formed by switching and negating th hypothesis and the conclusion.
contrapositive if a=b and b=c, then a=c; ____________ property.
complementary part of a line that consists of an initial point and all points to one side of thgat point.
iff points that lie on the same line. (two points)
acuteangle angle that measures from 91 degrees to 179 degrees. (two words)
conjecture a line that intersects two or more coplaner lines at different points.
noncoplanerpoints if two lines are coplaner and do not intersect, then they are _____________.
deductivereasoning a logical statements with two parts. (two words)
theorems consists of two different rays that have the same initial point.
rightangle part of a line that conists of two endpoints and all of the points in between.
skew an unproven statement that is based om observations.
biconditionalstatement using facts, definitions, and accepted properties in a logical order to write a logical argument. (two words)
oppositerays if two lines intersect to form a right angle, then they are ___________.
angle two collinear rays that have the same initial point, but extend in opposite directions. (two words)
transversal the "if" part of a conditional statement.
undefined abbreviation for "if and only if".
conclusion two angles that share a common vertex, a common side, and no common interior points. (two words)
transitive lines that do not intersect and are not coplaner are __________.

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