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Language of Geometry

Justin Miller

Definitions of geometry words.

Ruler device used to measure angles
Ray extends in one dimension, usually represented by arrowheads
Protractor device used to measure surface areas
Point where two rays come together to form an angle
Intersecting Lines extends in two dimensions, represented by a shape that looks like a table top
Vertex angle of measure
Parallel Lines two lines that intersect to form a right angle
Straight Angle lines that do not toch each other but run right beside each other
Segment an angle with a measure equal to 180 degrees
Midpoint distance between two points on a line
Perpundicular Lines consists of two different rays tht have the same initial point
Plane the point that divides or bisects a segment into two congruent segment
Degree one or more sets of lines that cross each other
Line part of a line that consists of a point
Right Angle an angle with a measure equal to 90 degrees
Angle represented by a small dot

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