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geo a review


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ray 9 sides
scalene a polygon with all congruent sides is equi_____
arc length a 3D shape with one circular base
octa one triangle conjecture we are not allowed to use
cpctc the only non-rigid transformation
ass two angles that are supplementary and adjacent
rigid the corner of a polygon
isosceles translations, rotations and reflections are all ___ transformations
cylinder two angles that add up to 180
concave has one endpoint
complementary a justification to show two angles of a triangle are congruent
linear pair regular quadrilateral
xaxis a polygon whose diagonals go outside the figure
undeca when you have two sides and the angle included between them
line a justification to show two sides of a triangle are congruent
sameside a shift (left/right) (up/down)
rhombus angles across from each other when two lines cross
square (angle/360)*C
vertex two angles that add up to 90
dilation a polygon with all congruent angles is equi_____
circumference equiangular quadrilateral
aas in the same position with respect to their location
yaxis half a sphere
hemisphere _____ interior angles are congruent when lines are parallel
nona a 3D shape with one polygon base
translation has no endpoints - continues in both directions
radius the ___ quad conjecture says opposite angles are supplementary
rectangle quad with two sets of parallel sides
parallelogram a 3D shape with two circular bases
rotational 6 sides
lateral the way to prove that PARTS of a triangle are congruent
regular the _____ angle is always half the central angle
dodeca no congruent sides
diameter at least two congruent sides
alternate equilateral quadrilateral
kite the ____ of a parallelogram are congruent
supplementary twice the radius
pyramid quad with two sets of adjacent congruent sides
cone quadrilateral with one set of parallel sides
penta 11 sides
inscribed when (x, y) becomes (-x, y) is has been reflected across the ___
prism the diagonals of a parallelogram are congruent and are also ___ ___
corresponding 5 sides
hepta a 3D shape with two polygon bases
hexa 7 sides
sameangle the diagonals of a rectangle are ___
perpendicular 12 sides
opposite has two endpoints
vertical the diagonals of a kite are ______
sas 10 sides
angular pi times the diameter
deca When (x, y) becomes (x, -y) it has been reflected across the ___
trapeoid equilateral and equiangular
cyclic a yin-yand symbol has ____ symmetry
anglebisectors from the center to the edge
congruent 8 sides
segment when you have two angles and the side not included between them

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