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Final Exam Vocabulary

Mr. Nagle

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quadrilateral same size and same shape
composite average of a set of data
range shape with 6 sides
sum greater than 90 degrees
mean one place to the right of the decimal
acute two places to the right of the decimal
quotient less than 90 degrees
median four 90 degree angles and opposite sides the same length
simplify a whole number and a fraction
rectangle exactly one set of parallel sides
factor _________________, if possible
pentagon answer to a subtraction problem
equilateral factor x factor = _____________
obtuse fractions with the same denominator
square numerator smaller than the denominator
numerator fractions with the same value but different numbers
parallel the name of Mr. Nagle' favorite calculator
fraction shape with 5 sides
polygon numerator larger than the denominator
denominator the numbers you multiply to get a product
proportion a comparison of two values
difference number of equal size parts you have
parallelogram value that occurs most frequently
improper the number of equal size parts the whole is split into
unlike lowest value to the highest value
mode the middle value in a set of data
isosceles two lines that extend forever and never cross
prime all sides the same length and opposite sides parallel
pinky a line that splits a shape in two halves
trapezoid shape with 8 sides
tenths two equal ratios are a ______________________
right answer to a division problem
similar exactly 90 degrees
product triangle with two sides the same length
thousandths shape with four sides
equivalent a closed shape with three or more straight line sides
ratio opposite sides the same length and parallel
proper same shape but different size
hundredths answer to an addition problem
symmetry number with more than two factors
octagon four 90 degree angles and all sides equal
congruent fractions with different denominators
hexagon Shapes and ___________
like part of a whole
rhombus triangle with all sides and angles the same measure
designs number whose factors are one and itself
mixednumber three places to the right of the decimal

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