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Describing, Exploring,and Comparing Data

Jennifer Pacheco

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classboundaries cumulative frequencies used instead of the individual class frequencies
classwidth standard score
deciles is a graph showed by slices of a pie
bimodal sum of the frequencies for that class and all previous classes
dotplot the number of values in the data set
rangeruleofthumb consists of the minimum value; the 1s quartile,Q1; the median, or 2nd quartile;Q2,the 3rd quartile, Q3, maximum value
outlier is a variation of values about the mean
median denoted bt D1,D2,D3,.........,D9
exploratorydataanalysis distribution that is approximately bell-shaped
inferentialstatistics are the largest numbers that can belong to the different classes
cumulativefrequency is a value that is located very far away from almost all of the other values
chebyshev'stheorem is a bar graph for qualitative data, with the bars arranged in order according to frequencies
frequencytable are the smallest numbers that can belong to the different classes
empiricalrule is number obtained by adding the values and dividing the total by the number of values
relativefrequencies is a mean computed with the different scores assigned different weights
classmidpoints are midpoints of the classes
mode the mean and median are to the right of the mode
relativefrequencytable if not symmetric and if it extends more to one side than the other
relativefrequencyhistogram two values occur with the same greatest
frequency uses line segments connected to points located directly above class midpoint values
skewed denoted by Q1,Q2, andQ3
ogive more than two values occur with the same greatest frequency
negativelyskewed difference between the value and the mean
variance data values is plotted as a point along a scale of values
meanabsolutedeviation is a value at the center or middle of a data set
boxplot or a box-and-whisker diagram
quartiles ___ or z score
standardscore separating each value into parts; the stem and the leaf
measureofcenter no more than 1/k2 of the values are more than k standard deviations away from the mean.
piechart middle value
descriptivestatistics value that occurs most frequently
unbiasedestimator highest value - lowest value
paretochart if the left half of its histogram is roughly a mirror image of its right half
histogram measure of variation equal to the square of the standard deviation
5-numbersummary is a line graph that depicts cumulative frequencies
lowerclasslimits is the difference between two consecutive lower class limits or two consecutive lower class boundaries
multimodal vertical scale is marked with relative frequencies
range sample data to make inferences about a population
upperclasslimits dividing each class frequency by total of all frequencies
cummulativefrequencytable divide that sum by the number of sample values
mean = highest value lowest value/ 2
standarddeviation sample variance s^2
positivelyskewed an average
weightedmean summarize or describe the important characteristics of a set of data
midrange denoted by P1,P2,.........,P9
zscore are the numbers used to separate classes, but withou the gaps created by class limits
arithmeticmean is the process of using statistical tools to investigate data set in order to understand their important charcteristics
percentiles the mean and median are to the left of the mode
scatterdiagram lists classes of values, along with counts
steam-and-leafplot is a plot of the paired (x,y) data with a horizontal x-axis and a vertical y-axis
deviation same class limits as a frequency table,but relative frequencies are used
frequencypolygon sample values lie within 2 standard deviation of the mean
symmetric the number of original scores that fall into that class
samplesize is a bar graph in which the horizontal scale represents classes and the vertical scale represents frequencies

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