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Algebraic Vocabulary


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variable A positive or negative whole number including zero
difference The product of the area of the base and the height of any figure
bar To determine the answer to an expression
perpendicular The side opposite the right angle in a triangle
median The middle number in a set of data
rotation All of the values for x in an expression
line A mathematical sentence that contains an = sign
inequality Rise over run
range The answer to a multiplication problem
exponent The number in front of a variable
volume An array of elements in rows and columns
interquartile A letter or expression used to represent a number
integer Two lines on a graph that intersect to form a right angle
evaluate An open sentence that contains > or <
congruent The difference between the upper and lower extremes
matrix A number that has just two factors - 1 and itself
negative 25% of a box plot
origin The answer to an addition problem
perimeter A type of graph that compares quantity
product The distance around a figure
absolute Average
domain A type of transformation where an image is slid
sum Two (or more) lines on a graph that do not intersect
similar A type of graph that shows change over time
positive Two equal ratios
odd The product of the base and the height of any figure
reflection Any number that is not divisible by 2
percent The range of a box plot defined by the middle 50% of the data
prime Any number that is divisible by 2
quartile The answer to a division problem
equation Number of favorable outcomes divided by number of possible outcomes
commutative Two figures that are the same shape but not the same size
coordinate A line
slope Property defined by a b = b a
parallel The number that corresponds to a point on a number line
hypotenuse Power or degree
even Two figures that are the same size and shape
coefficient Any number to the left of zero on a number line
mean Per 100
proportion A type of transformation where an image is turned
probability A type of transformation where an image is flipped
ratio The value that represents a number's distance from zero
area The point on a graph at which the x-axis and y-axis intersect
linear Any number that can be expressed as a fraction
translation A comparison of two numbers by division
rational The answer to a subtraction problem
quotient Any number to the right of zero on a number line

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