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Algebra II Honors

Angel Lugo

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b^a=d (5a-b)^2. Expand
A=P(1 r/n)^nt -2=loga_7 Exponentials and logarithmic relationnship
5x^3(x-4) (-4)^5. Evaulate
5 -(4y-6x). Distribute
A=P(1 r)^t (x 1)(x^2-x 1). Expand
-1024 x^3 8x^2. Factor Polynominials
25a^2 10ab b^2 Simplify; 7(x 1)-3(x 1)
24.93 Evaluate 39.45 5.15p to two decimal places for p= -2.82
a^-2=7 y=log3_5 Exponentials and logarithmic relationnship
x=4y solve; Square root of 5 to the second power
4x 4 24x^3-36x^2 72x. Factor Polynominials
25m^2 16n^2 Solve for x: -2x-7y=y-4x
49y^2 126y 81 Simplify; 12x-6=90
r^2 81s^2 Simplify; 3(x-2)=4-(x-2)
8 a^y=x. Exponentials and logarithmic relationnship
6x(4x^2-6x 12) (r-9s)^2. Expand
y=loga_x Annual compund interest formula
3^y=5 a=logb_d Exponentials and logarithmic relationnship
x(x^2 8x) 5x^4-20x^3. Factor Polynominials
-4y 6x (2x^2-y^2)(2x-2y). Expand
x^3 1 4y^2-8. Factor Polynominials
4x^3-4x^2y-2xy^2 2y^3 y^2-5y. Factor Polynominials
4(y^2-8) (7y 9)^2. Expand
y(y-5) (5m-4n)(5m 4n). Expand
3 General Compund interest formula

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