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Algebra II - Ch 1 and 2


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relation ____ numbers are fractions that do not terminate or repeat, radicals that are not perfect, and pi
standard ____ numbers are the counting numbers
linear a relation in vhich each element of the domain is paired with exactly one element of the range
solve the simplest functionwith common characteristics (2words)
parent function ___-line test is a way to determine if a graph is a function
extraneous solution an operation that moves a graph vertically, horizontally, or diagonally but does not change it shape
variable a solution that is false
absolute value ____ natural numbers plus 1
range lines with the slopes that are opposite reciprocals
perpendicular lines ___ equation is a equation of aline
solution x=#, slope is undefined (2words)
additive ___ variable is the x's, x determines what y is
identity a set of ordered pairs
vertical line ___ property is multiplying through the parentheses
associative to get the variable by itself
rational ___ property is adding zero or multiplying by one
domain sits in front of the variable
distibutive ___ property is a (b c)=(a b) c
irrational ___ property is multiplying by the reciprocal or adding the opposite
whole y=#, slope is zero (2words)
closure a number, variable, or the product of a number and one or more variables
term ___ form of a line is Ax By=C
reciprocal ___ property is when real numbers are multiplied or added, the answer is a real number
inverse rules used to simplify expressions (3words)
commutative whole numbers and negative numbers
parallel lines lines with the same slope
slope all the x's
dependent plug and chug
translation the y's
compound inequality ____ numbers are all numbers that can be written as a fraction of integers
simplify ___ inverse is a number that is the same but the sign is different, and their sum is 0
natural a symbol that representsa number
independent the answer to the equation
coefficent to make as small as possible using the order of operations and combining like terms
function ___ variable is the y's,because they depend on what x is
order of operations the distance from zero on the number line
integers ___ property is a b=b c or ab=bc
vertical flip the fraction
horizontal line is the "change" or "rate of change" of a line
evaluate a pair of inequalities joined by "and" or "or" (2words)

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