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Algebra and Whole Numbers

Ms. Ivelisse Melendez

4 basic algebraic operations

multiplication math processes of addition, subtraction,multiplication and division
expression number thyat is used to divide
quotient operation of taking one number away from another
terms amount left over when dividing
addend opposite or reverse
rename math sentence that includes operations and numbers
compatible numbers result of division
estimation two numbers that form a basic division fact
evaluate numbers in a multiplication statement
remainder letter that represents an unknown number
algebraic expression math sentence that include at least one operation and a variable
numerical expression number to be added
dividend the number that is divided
variable to find the numerical value of an algebraic expression
operation number sentence that usually includes opeations variables and numbers
addition study of properties of numbers using 4 basic operations
difference operation of combining two or more numbers to find a total
divisor use both numbers and letters to show relations between quantities
whole number a sentence that is neither true of false
subtraction result of multiplication
algebra wxpress in a form that is equal to the original
arithmetic result of subtraction
inverse the set of numbers of 0,1,2,3,4,5,6...
open statement result of addition
product the act or process of approximating an amount or a number
sum operation that gives the same result as repeated addition
factor parts of an expression separated by operation signs

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