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Algebra and Geometry Crossword Puzzle

Rachel Chaplin

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factor Teacher of the Year
two ab = ba
Binomial 1, 2, 3, 4, ....
Area the number of quadrants in a coordinate system
linear any point on a number line
Perimeter 4-sided
rotation adjacent side divided by hypotenuse
quadrilateral to break apart
Volume moving in the opposite way along a number line
dilation the point that crosses the y axis
reflection slide
associative opposite side divided by hypotenuse
Distributive more than 1 term
equilateral (ab)c = a(bc)
natural 2 dimensional
subtraction moving along a number line
Gibson an enlargement
independent mirror image
Hypotenuse 2*1 = 2
sine a turn
integers y = mx b
polynomial Two Terms
slope 2(2 a) = 4 2a
addition The side of a right triangle opposite the 90 degree angle
translation the number of axes in a coordinate system
Identity can stand by itself
cosine 0 and all positive and negative whole numbers
real number another word for rate
yintercept 3 dimension
transformation change
four The distance around a figure
Commutative a triangle whose sides are congurent

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