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Algebra Crossword


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standardform The form of the following equation: y = -3x 5 ( 2 wds.)
domain The set of all the "X" values of a relation.
range Sometimes described as the "rise over the run" ; describes the steepness of a line.
slopeintercept On a graph, ( 0, 0 )
coordinate The number, or number pair, that corresponds to a point on a number line.
binomial A relation in which no two ordered pairs have the same first coordinate(same X value).
exponent The form of the following: y - 2 = 4 ( x 4 ) (2 wds)
function Binomial expressions that differ only in the sign of the second term.
liketerms 1,4 ,9, 16, 25, 36, 49,.....are examples of these. ( 2 wds.)
equation A polynomial with 2 terms.
conjugates A polynomial with 3 terms.
factors The set of all the "Y " values of a relation.
hypotenuse The number, written as a superscript, that tells how many times the base is multiplied by itself.
perfectsquares Two expressions with an equal sign between them.
pointslope Terms that include the same variables and their corresponding exponents. (2 wds.)
origin Numbers, or groups of numbers that are multiplied.
trinomial The form of the following equation: 3x - 5y = 8 ( 2 wds.)
slope In a right triangle, the side opposite the right angle(the longest side).

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